• Rhea Engine (2005-2007)

    Rhea Engine (2005-2007)

    Rhea Engine is a 3D game engine developed in C++   Features OpenGL and Direct3D rendering drivers Custom...
  • The Revenge (2003-2004)

    The Revenge (2003-2004)

    The Revenge is a RTS game developed in Delphi using DirectX. Features custom made 2D engine based on...
  • Gelluloid (2010)

    Gelluloid (2010)

    Play Gelluloid Gelluloid is a fast paced risk style real-time strategy game developed in ActionScript...
  • Rhea Project Game (2006)

    Rhea Project Game (2006)

      Rhea Project “The Game” is a real time tactical 3D game developed in C++ using Ogre3D engine....
  • Visual Khron (2009)

    Visual Khron (2009)

      Visual Khron is a visual development environment specialized in procedural texture description...

About me

I am a 31 years old software developer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania with more than 15 years of software development. Currently I'm a full time web developer and web architect with interests in web technologies and online micropreneurship.

What's on this site

I have gathered on this site short descriptions of the projects I have developed in the last 15 years along with a list of my software development skills.

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