Hey, I'm a

Cristian Cristea

I am a software developer with more than 17 years of professional development experience working on various projects focusing mostly on game development, full stack web development and mobile.

I'm a passionate

Over the years I have worked as an employee, consultant, freelancer and eventually as business owner, founding and managing two development studios (Liveset Media and Tractor Set GO!). As a consultant and freelancer I’ve collaborated with high end software development companies, contributing to projects in the financial, governmental, medical sectors, but also on research and end consumer oriented projects.

What I Offer ?

Software Development

General software development for web, desktop, mobile and embedded devices.

Game Development

Using industry standard solutions to bring your games or interactive media apps to life.

Web Development

Full stack developer specialized in .NET technologies providing both B2B and B2C web development.

Solution Architecture

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Team & Project Management

Experienced in managing small to medium teams of developers.

Full Support

Offering support before, during and post development.

Work Experience

2011 - Present

Co-Founder & CTO

Tractor Set GO!

Tractor, Set, GO! is a game development and interactive media group formed in 2011 by two well established media studios. Our mission is to build astonishing looking games, presentations, interactive media with pitch perfect sounds and flawless functionality.

Technologies : C#, C++, Unity3D, Cocos2D-X, Android, iOS

Lead Developer, Owner

Liveset Media Studios

The software development department of Liveset Studios focused on in house product development but also taking client work and outsourcing.

Technologies : C#, Java, Web (HTML, JS, CSS), MSSQL, EF, ASP.NET, MVC, Android, iOS, Wordpress, Magento

2007 - Present
2008 - 2014

Senior Developer, Team Leader, Project Manager


2008 - 2011 During this period I was a senior developer having several team leading and project management responsibilities, while developing more than 50 ASP.NET websites in areas like e-commerce, B2B applications, presentation websites and utility applications. I worked both as a back-end and a front-end developer using technologies like C#, Javascript, Ajax, CSS

2011 - 2014 With the expansion of the company I got myself oriented on the architectural, team-leading and project management side, having responsibilities like personnel training, technology research and integration, recruiting, consultancy, business analysis, process supervision.

Technologies : C#, Java, Web (HTML, JS, CSS), MSSQL, EF, LLBL, ASP.NET, MVC, Android

Game Developer


I was responsible in developing a small scale MMORPG game, using an in-house built 3D engine. While started as a developer I quickly got in charge of a small development and asset production team. The engine was developed in C++ using OpenGL as rendering backend. The client was developed in C++ while the server was developed in Java. Due to high/unrealistic expectations, including the financial side, the project was abandoned.

Technologies : C++, Java, OpenGL, DirectX



Languages (C#, C++, Java)
Game programming (Unity3D, UE4, Cocos2D)
Mobile technologies (Android, Xamarin)
Frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Agile methodologies
Team management

Clients feedback

I am available for your project

I am always looking for opportunities to meet new clients and contribute to bringing their projects to life.

Contact Me

Have a project that could use my expertise? Please reach out at cristian.cristea(at)liveset.ro